Hi all,

Today we need to have a talk about youtube.

This year, our content fell flat. Our how to make a youtube series didn't et the views everyone thought and we are making sure that we do better next year. Since 2018 is less than 6 months away, everyone here is slaving away trying to make new video ideas.

With the addition of Eva and some other great cast members, we think the stuff we will be able to create will be absolutly amazing.

I am also in Germany and plan on making a lot of content and hope to make 10 videos for content. With our every other week schedule, we plan on making 26 videos, with one update video and a remix that leaves us with 24 videos where we have to smash content and I think we can do that this year.

I also hope to be able to publish Grown in NJ: How Produce is Grown in the Garden State at the end of the 2018 season, rounding us out with an amazing short film that will be sure to stunn all.

Thanks for your suport and I hope you guys will enjoy our journey.

Cameron Spector


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