What's going on guys?

As you have seen, we have been hard at work, making sure that you guys get new content every other week, however we are working on something new. We are initiating what we are call "Phase 3".

First off, I bet a lot of you are asking "What about phase 1 and 2?". Let me explain. Phase 1 was the beginning, where it was just me, making a video when possible. Phase 2 was the introduction of Arnold and while it has been a few months since he has been on the channel, he has taken more of a producer roll on our passion projects rather than being on videos. Phase 2 also changed actors, bringing in people like Zach, Jacob, Matt, and Marina (most of which were on this year's youtube season) into our ranks and building a stronger foundation for us to work with.

However now it's time for another phase, which would be the third and therefore be called Phase 3. Let me now explain what that means for you guys.

First, mostly nothing. Honestly this transition has been happening for a long time now and I am finally strong enough to recongnize that this is happening.

We have recognized that our videos do not just encompass narratives anymore: We have been making more documentaries and more pieces on bigger news such as rallies happening in our area, and we are ready to embrace it. As a force in Monmouth county, we want to make sure that people know what is going on, and this is a perfect example as to what we need to do. And although we don't yet make money on our youtube videos, we want to make the commitment that these videos benefit the organizations that we are covering. We want to make that commitment to make it clear that profiteering off of the hardship of others. We Also want to make the commitment of more longform documentaries that we made with Grown in NJ, and although we have nothing to confirm yet, we believe that these are great ways of getting information and to entertain the audience as well.

That being said, we are still going to work with a group to make our short films and work to make sure that our content stays entertaining, and stays to be family friendly comedy because those are the narrative pieces that we enjoy doing.

Then what else is new? Well, we are reorganizing the structure of CGP to reflect our new programs: a further division of our youtube and longform projects as well as starting to work with companies and organizations to help them make videos.

And there lies our biggest change: we will now have 4 parts to Cap Gun Productions: our regular Youtube content, our mini docs that cover one days events, our long form videos (both narratives and documentaries), and our work with companies.

We are opening up our services to companies because we have realized that videos are the future in the 21st century and that we want to create an affordable option to make it available for everyone.

With this extra revenue, we also make the commitment to improve our own videos- working hard to getting to making 4k videos at some point in 2019.

This is our change for next few months as we get ready to update our website, restructure the company, and drive forward to make sure that we can eventually update everything to get to that 4k quality by the end of 2019.

So for now, enjoy the videos and make sure to like and subscribe!

Cameron Spector

CEO Cap Gun Productions

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