Grown in NJ: How Produce is Grown in the Garden State

Directed By: Cameron Spector
Task: Design
Skills: Photoshop
This is Cap Gun Production's first documentary film and it is a good one, one that we hope will open the door to be able to tell many more stories.

In October, 2016, Cameron sent an email to the Eastmond Orchards to try to start a project that turned out to be a story about the many hardships of being a farmer in the 21st century. The Eastmond Orchard is the only orchard that does pick your own produce, making their job even harder as they need to be able to grow the perfect fruit on the perfect tree for the whole season. With these challenges and others, such as little rain and odd weather that might just ruin a day, makes this story so captiviating. We can't wait for you to see it.